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Here at Twin Hicks, you are sure to find our unique paintings and products a pleasant surprise. Enjoy the gift God gave us as much as we have enjoyed being used by our Saviour!



Alan & Aaron Hicks

Lion's Den
Last Supper
God's Little Preacher
Kneeling Praying Girl
Meditate Day & Night-Boy
Burning Bush
AKA Sisters
African Dream
A New Friend In Jesus
Delta Girls
Fix It Dad
Meditate Day & Night-Girl
Behold a King
Fraternity Brothers
Praying Hands
Father & Son Praying
Lily in the Valley

Throw Blankets

Black Art Jigsaw Puzzle


New Collection


Twin Hicks's portraits are all original work of fine art and custom designed specifically for your family and friends to enjoy. The Twins have a gift of bringing these images to life. Learn more about the Twin's custom portraits below


If you are looking for Custom Artwork look no further. Twin Hicks specializes in custom artwork that brings your images to life. If you'd like to inquire about a Custom Artwork click the link below! 


At Twin Hicks, we believe in producing designs, art, and murals that speak volumes to the client. Through our mural painting work across the country we offer our clients art that shows our passion and love for the art. Learn more about our Murals below

Painting Brushes



Original Images & Archived Images

Our Original Collection is available for purchase upon request. Please Contact Us if you'd like to inquire about any of the Original Images.

The Archived Collection is not for sale but to showcase the Twin's work. 



"I am so happy to have found your site. I have your oil paintings and want to obtain paintings from portraits of my son and daughter. You two are Blessed and I feel like I found gold in this website. Love your work!!! Thank you Lord..."

"Your work is awesome! You are truly gifted men that God has anointed to tell His story through your artwork. Keep telling the story always planting the seed. Be Blessed Hicks Brothers.."

Phylliss Marshall

Brenda A

"I purchased a coffee cup with the praying hands printed on the cup. The work is absolutely beautiful. I have the blue and white cup. I have also purchased calendars in the past and would like to recommend any item from Twin Hicks."


Adrian A. Green

OMG!! So glad I found you!! Awesome website!!

Lori Jones

Franklin E

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