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Alan and Aaron Hicks are Identical twin brothers-with Identical Art Styles, born and raised in Chicago, IL.

Since the age of eight, the twins shared an intense desire to express their creativity through drawing.  Over time, what began as a journey of self-expression through art   became a bona fide passion to capture "life" with whatever media God placed in their  hands.  The only question would be, "which hand?" because Alan paints with his left  hand, while Aaron paints with his right.

As the twins matured, the same passion that drove them to create artistically also inspired them to hone their skills within an academic environment.  Thus, Alan and  Aaron began to further their education and their talent at the University of Illinois in  Chicago.  In 1985, their perseverance and dedication paid off; the twins received  Bachelor of Arts degrees in Biocommunications/Medical Illustrations from the  University of Illinois.

Today, they continue to stretch themselves as artists and consistently strive for Godly perfection in their work.  Their spiritual and family oriented motifs have been exhibited  throughout the country and in numerous publications, such as Ebony, Jet, and Upscale  Magazine. 

Whether or not Alan and Aaron paint an image together or single handedly produce another stroke of beauty, the results are always the same: they reveal an uncanny ability to achieve outstanding color and detail in every airbrushed image. 

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